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Look Up And Listen!

Nearstory delivers audio stories based on location

Stories linked to your location

Nearstory is an audio platform that delivers easy access to high quality audio stories from multiple sources that are relevant to a listeners interests and location. We deliver podcasts, historical speeches, news broadcasts, interviews, music, environmental sounds and other audio to listeners through a mobile application in an unobtrusive way. Listeners hear content that is relevant to their location and catered to their personal interests.

Nearstory Concierge Screen

Nearstory Concierge Screen

Learn about the journey or destination.

Nearstory's concierge model helps you quickly find audio content that suits your interest and current location. We give you the freedom to listen to whatever you want whenever you want. No device telling you when and where to go. With Nearstory, just look up and listen.

Nearstory - Listen to the stories around you.

About Us

We believe technology can bring you closer to your surroundings rather than distract you from them.

Giovanni Salimena - Chief Executive Officer

Giovanni Salimena


Giovanni is a designer whose mission in life is to create good things by working with great people. He has worked in numerous start-ups in Chicago and Silicon Valley. He is passionate about finding unobtrusive ways to explore our world, preserving history and culture through technology and storytelling. Giovanni has 13+ years experience in design and entrepreneurship. He holds a BFA in Visual Design from the University of Oregon.

Giovanni Salimena - Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Ferguson


Ryan is a serial entrepreneur and curious business thinker. Having traveled the world as a commercial pilot and individual explorer, Ryan is excited to create a platform for people to connect with their location. Previously, Ryan built a real estate holding company during and following the Great Recession. With elbow grease and creative financing, Ryan created a sustaining entity that allowed him to leave traditional employment at age 32. He joined Nearstory because he was inspired by the company’s mission and potential.

Our Advisors

Dillan Laughlin - Technical Advisor

Dillan Laughlin

Technical Advisor / Co-Founder

Dillan has 13+ years experience in building/architecting clean iPhone applications. His experience in software, product development and UX helps us make the right decisions regarding, technology, strategic goals and scaling. He has won 2 Webby’s for his apps that educate and entertain.

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